Installing the Sublime WebHare package

  1. Open the Command Palette (Cmd+Shift+P on Mac)
  2. Select "Package Control: Install Package"
  3. Install the package named "WebHare"

Some useful commands in Sublime’s WebHare Package are:

To install WebHare’s recommended packages, select Preferences => Package Settings => WebHare => Recommended Packages => Install all recommended packages.

Open Tollium component in Sublime

Use the following combination on a (Tollium) component to open the component’s XML specification in Sublime:

Option + shift + right click

Other useful Sublime Packages

Mouse integration

To support mouse-related functions, you'll need to add extra settings. This will make the following work:

To get this to work on OSX, add a file named "Default (OSX).sublime-mousemap" in the Sublime Package/User folder (/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User) with the following contents:

      "button": "button1", "count": 2,
      "press_command": "mouse_goto_codegrep",
      "press_args": {"command": "drag_select", "args": {"by": "words"}}
      "button": "button2", "count": 1, "modifiers": ["super"],
      "press_command": "mouse_documentation_popup",
      "press_args": {"command": "drag_select" }
      "button": "button2", "count": 1, "modifiers": [ "super", "shift" ],
      "press_command": "mouse_symbol_search",
      "press_args": {"command": "drag_select" }

Make sure the symbol index is enabled (in WebHare, application "Modules and configuration" => Menu => Tollium Backend => Server => Index Source Code).