form integration


Siteprofile changes:

    <to type="all"/>

    <!-- Required for forms: enable rendering API -->
    <formintegration xmlns="" />
    <!-- Optional: enable all users to create (standard) forms -->
    <allowfiletype typedef="" />

Add the proper JavaScript libraries:

//At minimum, activates required CSS and JSON/RPC links
import '@mod-publisher/js/forms'; 

//Optionally: replaces upload fields with a nicer and edit-supporting version
import UploadField from '@mod-publisher/js/forms/fields/upload';
dompack.register(".wh-form__upload", node => new UploadField(node));

//Enable the imgedit and/or rtd fields:
import ImgEditField from '@mod-publisher/js/forms/fields/imgedit';
dompack.register(".wh-form__imgedit", node => new ImgEditField(node));

import RTDField from '@mod-publisher/js/forms/fields/rtd';
dompack.register(".wh-form__rtd", node => new RTDField(node, rtdopts));

Next up, you need to style the forms